Ethical Code


Social responsibility is the way in which the organization applies social, environmental, economic, and ethical considerations in order to achieve long-term success and sustainability. In the modern era, social responsibility is an important factor in organizational and business success.

In the pursuit of business success, moral, human and social values ​​have been abandoned in recent years. Today, in ETGAR, we choose to place these values ​​at the top of our managerial priorities.

The ethical code emphasizes ETGAR’s commitment to high business standards and clarifies the expectations of managers and employees in ETGAR. The Code of Ethics requires ETGAR as a business company, to behave honestly, respect people, be accountable to those who choose to work with us, be fair in our attitude towards others and care for people who depend on us.

The process of assimilating the ethical code constitutes a significant step in the formulation of an organizational culture that combines value excellence, technical excellence and business excellence.

Managers and employees in ETGAR are required to take action and make decisions, to increase awareness of the ethical code and to implement the totality of values ​​and rules of conduct.

Adhering to the rules of the ethical code, while maintaining laws and regulations will increase the sense of pride and belonging to ETGAR while contributing to its strength will strengthen the business success of ETGAR in the difficult competitive environment and help preserve ETGAR’s good reputation.

For more see our Ethical Code (available on demand).



ETGAR operates according to all the environmental laws and regulations; we are committed to acting responsibly, and promote good environmental practices. All our production machines are placed on spill containment pallets so we have zero ground penetration and our factory has no greenhouse gas emissions. Avoid, reduce, reuse or recycle waste in our operations wherever we can.

We are committed to constantly improving our business activities to achieve the highest standards of environmental sustainability.