Quality Assurance


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ETGAR Adheres to the highest international quality manufacturing standards.

ETGAR is ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 certified (we also have FDA approval for our Dental Implants and Prosthetic line)

ETGAR also has a Class 10,000 Clean Room within its facility.

Quality is an ongoing and integral focus for each manufactured part.  Each process and operation meets the standards set forth by the respective certifying organization.

We strive to achieve industry leading quality through continuous process improvement and innovation.

The management and the workers view quality as an important tool for the company’s success, ETGAR’s management continuously initiates actions for constant improvement in all activities.

ETGAR meets the toughest customer requirements with Quality Control being carried out at every stage of a project, including stringent final product inspection.

ETGAR’s Quality Control Department is equipped with the latest measurement & inspection technology for maximum Quality Assurance.

  • LK-CMM XYZ measurement machine, 0.002mm
  • Werth Video-Check-IP 400 x 200 3D CNC
  • Mitutoyo Comparator machines
  • Microscopes
  • TESA Height measuring instruments
  • Granite table
  • Large variety of calibers and micrometers